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Charitou Charmm is a Design and Construction firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It was established in 2012 by Spyros Charitou with the philosophy of designing and constructing exceptionally bespoke, and specific buildings and spaces focused on people, culture and geometry. The company provides a complete range of architecture, interior design, product design and metal construction services.

Operating across Metal Structures, Prefabricated Houses, Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and Leisure sectors, our portfolio includes multi-unity, mixed-use, new-build, refurbishments and interiors. Our design-led span of knowledge extends to product design, offering our clients seamless integration for unique outcomes in all schemes.

At Charmm we base every design on a unique concept. The driver is always a fundamental process staring with understanding the key elements such as content, culture, budget and character. This is followed by a focus on the brand or the person and a definition of their values. Only then we start the design process earnestly, considering both the interior and the exterior to achieve a consistent scheme, and ultimately a strong proposition.


Great design is not just aesthetics. For us is the way we use objects and spaces. Our first task is always to fully understand our clients, their needs, their history, their context and their character. A good design is a very good collaboration not only between the clients but also between the team. We get inspired by our clients and then we design for them.

Bespoke Design

Pleasure and function are always the fundamental aspects for our designs. However each client is unique and so unique and bespoke is every project. We design exclusively for each client and their dream house. We create products inspired by their spaces and we make their ideas and visions come true.

Materials and Technology

As a team we share a huge respect to both traditional and new materials. According to each project we try to use the techniques and materials that will fit them better and make them stand out. However, we are very sensitive in sustainable materials and technologies trying always to achieve designs that adapt to their context, protecting and enhancing it.