Skevi Charitou

Interior Architect


Skevi has her BA (Hons) Interior Architecture Degree from Kingston University, London. She spent beneath the drawing tables from childhood. Years later Skevi started designing various products and spaces, reflecting her early interest in Interior Design and living spaces. She has been a member of Charmm since 2012.

Skevi’s vision is that a Design must improve the lives of as many people as possible. She is aware that you must take care when you are a producer of concepts. Thus, defending the usefulness of intelligence, anything must be useful before being beautiful. Skevi vehemently believes that we have to replace beauty with goodness. Since, the first one is a cultural concept while goodness is a humanist concept.

Subversive, ethical, humane, social and loving. This is how she sees her duty as a designer.


  • Interior Architecture 
  • Exterior Architecture
  • Lighting and Furniture Design
  • Product Design 
  • Installations
  • Art 

Contact Info

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